Deep Silent Love

By: Behnaz K. Shahidi

Unlike most times when I feel Divine Love warm my heart and flow, today I am feeling this Love differently. Let me share with you:

Love of Creator I intend to share, as I sit in this quiet space,
I feel an immense Love, but all in the form of deep silence,
The words do not flow to reflect my feelings on a page,
I am just sitting here, eyes closed, feeling drenched.

My mind cannot encase this deep silence in words,
And my heart is not feeling warmed up with a Love that flows,
Every cell in my body feels quiet, cool and still,
Experiencing Divine Love, not as a warm shower, but an essence tranquil.

I want to see my Love flow, in the same old familiar way,
Wrap it around those I know, and the ones far off I have never met,
But today my Love does not flow­­, it is steady, soothing,
As I feel there is nowhere to flow, all are here, unmoving.

Aren’t we each all the space, all the beings, all the love?
So where to flow, who to find, what to hunt?
We are Bliss eternal, feeling the universe within us,
We are all that there is, when awakened to what lies within us.

On the faces and Facebook and local and world news,
Of those who awaken Divine Love, do you see many clues?
I let my heart open, and my mind resolute,
See all the beauty beyond the evil some salute.

And if they shame me saying I don’t know life of a war zone, violence and abuse,
I’ll tell them I have seen all these too, and I have gone through it profuse!
But for now, I just want to feel drenched in the Bliss of Divine,
And let nothing make me feel smaller than the universe flowing in my vein.