Divine Mother’s Love


Everyday the feminine force of life gives birth and continues to unconditionally love and nurture her creation, and Mother’s Day is designated to celebrate this love. On this day, mothers are recognized and celebrated as ultimate symbols of unconditional love.

Thinking of Mother’s Day, flipping through my journal, I came across an entry written on a train journey. Here are parts of what I had jotted down:

Travel Journal: July 17, 2015

We have been traveling hundreds of miles so far. I have been looking around on our train and in various train stations and have seen so many mothers holding infants, toddlers, and younger children with love. It is such a tender experience to see mothers and children intimately together. I see the same love with older children, too. Though, they are not held physically in such an intimate way as the younger ones, mothers are allowing them space to grow into young adults. Here in the Innsbruck train station, the train has stopped. I see so many mothers and children in their hiking gear, a couple of grandmothers with their grandchildren too. It is a beautiful sight to watch.

But then I think of the world events, beyond this most beautiful, peaceful and scenic part of the world, and wonder:

What prompts a mother fleeing war to carry her children and walk for miles?
What makes a mother in the hardship of a refugee camp, feed, clean and care for her young?

What makes a mother’s love unceasing through motherhood’s life?
I close my eyes, feel this love, and notice Divine Mother’s Love!

Excited, I realize, it is the Divine Mother’s Love, coming through these mothers, unceasingly flowing in the eternity of time!
She knows we love her deepest in our heart.
She knows we need to hold her and feel held in her arms.
She knows all our senses need to be nurtured by her.
She knows we cannot go on without this love.
So she creates divine mothers and caresses each person through these human moms.

Divine Mother!

I know, in your ultimate Love, you recreated yourself in mothers.
Still, as rich as it might be, my heart is not satisfied with just the human mom’s love.
I know you feel my love as it flows
And I feel the ocean of your Love, flowing back.

I close my eyes again and say to myself, “ There is no mother, no child, no time, just the Divine Mother and her Love.”