Spiritual Transformation Counseling with Behnaz K. Shahidi

A typical spiritual counseling session with me starts with a conversation that allows you to share concerns or questions. Some questions may be related to finding greater clarity on developing spiritual experiences and others to daily life situations or challenges.

Spiritual experiences are discussed in the light of my understanding of higher states of consciousness and your developmental journey, followed by a guided meditation to stabilize these experiences and understandings.

Daily challenges and problems are discussed simply long enough to gain a picture of it. Then, we shift our focus to the bigger picture of life and the solutions. We find our solutions in expanding consciousness and going beyond the level of limitations and problems through both conversation and guided meditation.

Our shared intention in every session is to transform the old realities of suffering to the new paradigm of all possibilities.  We want to expand our consciousness and shift our ways of thinking and living.

I invite you to work with me if your intention is to create a new life platform—a platform that allows a deep shift in thinking and living, a shift from small level of problems to the new reality of all possibilities. We will use your question or problem for establishing a higher view, a higher consciousness, a step towards living a Divine life on earth. The goal of our time spent together will be to elevate your life above the level of problems, to the level that all adversity dissolves.


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Working with Behnaz, you’ll experience:

  • Peace of mind
  • A new style of thinking and living
  • An expanded presence of higher values
  • A spiritually-fulfilling life