Enjoy your summer!

New classes coming in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022.

Among the classes we teach are:
• A Journey Into Meditation I: Manifesting the Life You Desire
• A Journey Into Meditation II: Awakening to the True YOU
• Exploring Your Soul’s Purpose
• Forest Bathing

SAMPLE: Online Beginner’s Meditation Class

A Journey Into Meditation: Manifesting the Life You Desire

This six-lesson introductory meditation class, taught by Margie Suozzo and Mary Gospe, will be held via Zoom. Each class includes exercises for quieting the mind, guided meditations, and engaging talks and discussions.

Class topics:

    • Everything is Energy & Connect to Source Meditation
    • Tap Into Your Emotional Guidance System
    • Manifest Your Reality
    • Cultivate Healthy Relationships
    • Expand Your Heart: Kindness and Gratitude
    • Achieve Success Through Visualization

    What Our Students Are Saying…

    I loved being in the Journey into Meditation Class.  Mary and Margie create a safe and joyful learning environment that is thoughtfully crafted and full of wisdom.  I found it so inspiring.


    After taking the  ”Journey to Mediation” class I now look forward to starting and ending my day with guided meditations to calm and relax my mind.  Margie and Mary are the most delightful, knowledgeable, and friendly instructors that have helped me learn guided meditation and understanding the foundations for living a healthy, mindful life


    I have meditated many years and value the impact meditation has had in my life and treasure the added peace of mind. I took Mary and Margie’s class to accompany my daughter who wanted to learn meditation. I enjoyed the class very much and am grateful for the new perspectives introduced in the class and the ongoing connections.


    Online Advanced Meditation Community: “Meditation Monday”

    Our monthly advanced meditation gathering is held the first Monday of the month via Zoom for alumni of the Journey Into Meditation class, or upon approval from the instructors.  This supportive community allows participants to further their spiritual growth, master their emotional guidance system, explore their Divine essence and purpose, and build healthy relationships.

    Please contact us for more information and to register.