Online Beginner’s Meditation Class:

A Journey into Meditation: Manifesting the Life You Desire

This is a six-lesson introductory meditation class that will be held via Zoom.

Each class includes exercises for quieting the mind, guided meditations, and engaging talks and discussions regarding understanding our emotions as a guidance system, managing big emotions, how our mindset influences the life we create, the basis of fulfilling relationships, and the role of compassion and gratitude in living a happier life.

Instructors: Mary Gospe and Margie Suozzo.

Classes will be held from 7pm-8pm every other Monday night starting on April 20.
April 20, May 4, May 18, June 1, June 15, June 29.

Cost: $99 (normally $120) for the 6 classes. A sliding scale is available based on need.

Email us to register and for payment information.


Online Advanced Meditation Class: “Monthly Meditation Monday”

Soul Healing Studio’s founders have been running a weekly advanced meditation class since 2012. The class focuses on developing each participant’s spiritual growth with an emphasis on mastering our emotional guidance system, exploring our Divine essence and purpose, honing our parenting skills and building healthy relationships.

The one-hour classes are held the first Monday of the month for alumni of the Journey Into Meditation beginning class, or upon approval from the instructors.  Please contact us for more information and to register.


Early Childhood Parenting Talk Series:

Parents, grandparents and care providers of 2-7 year olds! Please join three parenting talks on important early childhood development topics. The first talk focuses on the importance of children’s pretend play for healthy all-around development and presents practical, simple suggestions for setting up a children’s play environment for greater developmental outcomes. The second talk expands on young children’s emotional development and how to interact with children to foster healthy emotions. The third talk highlights the importance of mindset in creating success in all areas of life and provides practical suggestions for developing growth mindset during daily interactions and play.

Instructor: Behnaz K. Shahidi, Ph. D., Bubble of Joy

  • Contact us for information on the next class offering.

Children’s Classes – Bubble of Joy

Bubble of Joy is a ten-lesson K-6 program in which students learn to closely notice and become aware of their emotions, thought-patterns, and physical state through mindful meditation techniques. These basic meditation practices will allow them to experience being calm while improving their focus. Students reflect on topics such as emotions, empathy, and mindset through talks, engaging discussions, short videos, and fun activities.

Bubble of Joy creates a safe, non-judgmental environment for children to pay closer attention to their thoughts, feelings and body sensations through the following lessons:

1) Mindful Body & Senses
2) Breathing Calmness
3) Body Scan Meditation
4) Kind Thoughts
5) Acts of Kindness
6) Mindset
7) Visualization
8) Emotions
9) Gratitude
10) Overview


Through Bubble of Joy, our students learned skills that helped them in the classroom, on the playground, but more importantly, will serve them their whole lives.

Elementary School Principal