Behnaz Hero

Behnaz Hero

Behnaz Hero

Co-founder & Practitioner, Poet

Behnaz started a Transcendental Meditation practice at 16, and her career as a meditation teacher at 21. Her academic background is in the fields of Developmental and Educational Psychology. However, her life has been more dedicated to her spiritual growth, studying various spiritual schools of thought, spiritual coaching and teaching meditation. She is the author of Divine Love, Pure Joy: An Intimate Awakening to Ever-Present Spirit Guides, which she published in 2015. Behnaz co-founded the Soul Healing Studio with two friends, where she has been a practitioner of spiritual coaching since 2016.

Behnaz lives in Northern California where she enjoys her spiritual work, time with family and friends, writing poetry, time in nature, and cooking. Behnaz’s most recent hobby is adventuring with probiotics through fermenting fruits and vegetables! After creating jars upon jars of fermented fruits and vegetables, she decided that lacto-fermented lemons are her favorite.

Contact Behnaz to book a private session or a 10 minute free consultation. Those who have worked with Behnaz say they felt lighter, nourished, and heard.

What Clients Say…

From my experience, Behnaz connects with the heart, and heals and teaches from a place of love.  


A spiritual counseling session with Behnaz is a life-enhancing experience. She will bring you to a place of profound peace and help you identify and release the root cause of disease, illness and emotional blocks.

Mary V.

In my life, one of the people who taught me how to deeply listen and make decisions was Behnaz. I met Behnaz when I was 4 years of age and, to this day, I still remember everything from our classes. I was mesmerized and stunned by her character, kindness and teachings.Through her meditation lessons, I learned to think deeply and to be calm and patient. More than that, I learned to become a fully trusted person and many people’s confidant. I saw her again recently after 30 years and was reminded of all the great memories and the lessons she imparted.  I find her to be the same kind, giving and wonderful teacher– just as I remember her as a young child. Her role in my life was greater than all of my teachers and everyone I knew. I could never forget her. 


Behnaz is a gift and I highly recommend her services. My session with her was deeply profound and my life forever changed. For that, I am eternally grateful! I hope you choose to experience and receive the love and healing that she effortlessly provides! Behnaz is truly amazing!

Stefani P.

Behnaz brings to her spiritual counseling sessions a deep compassion, an ability to see the beauty and essence of a person and reflect it back to them, and a transformative ability to make all in her presence feel safe and cared for.

Lisa Y.

I have observed in spiritual counseling sessions that Behnaz has deep awareness of other’s soul experience and she holds true love and compassion for all without exception. She has an affinity towards truth and equanimity, and gently brings others there too.


Divine Love, Pure Joy by Behnaz Herobadi

Divine Love, Pure Joy – by Behnaz Hero

This book is about awakening to, trusting, and embracing ever-present Divine support. My story began as I was enjoying a pleasant evening. I was called and asked to begin writing. Little did I know that one of the most exciting times of my life was about to begin. Over the course of two and one half months, through loving communions, I received information from spirit guides about the Divine Plan, Love as a Divine principle, children who have come to earth for enlivening Love, and my personal mission in this life. I am excited to share my story with you and hope it inspires you to be open and receptive to Divine presence in your own life.

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