Soul Healing Studio

A Place for Healing & Spiritual Transformation

Energy Healing & Spiritual Transformation Counseling

In our busy, hectic lives we often find ourselves tired, stressed out, and perhaps suffering from physical pain or illnesses. We also may be questioning the deeper meaning of our lives as we go through our daily routine.

At Soul Healing Studio, we offer a place for you to find silence, relax your body and mind, heal from pain and disease and explore your higher self. We provide in-person sessions with personalized guided meditations, energy and hands-on healing, and spiritual counseling. We also offer remote sessions (minus the hands-on healing) via Skype.

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Benefits of Soul Healing Studio Sessions

For Adults:

  • Enhance your body’s own ability to heal from injury, pain or illness
  • Reduce anxiety and fatigue from stressful work schedules
  • Get off the spinning wheel and explore the deeper meaning of your life
For Parents:

  • Become a stronger role model by operating from a place of calmness and clarity
  • Move from worry to trust by deepening your spiritual connection
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing healing session to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
For Teens:

  • Practice meditation techniques to reduce stress
  • Through a healing session, enliven your body’s ability to heal itself from illness or injury
  • Explore your potential and spiritual nature in a safe, comfortable environment

Our Services

Energy Healing and Hands-on Healing

Through a personalized, guided meditation and optional hands-on healing, Mary and Behnaz help you relax, align with universal Source energy, and release the root cause of illness or pain in a safe and comfortable way. We offer healing sessions individually and also as a team where both Mary and Behnaz work with you at the same time, creating a powerful spiritual healing experience.  Learn more

Spiritual Transformation Counseling

Behnaz will help you expand your consciousness and shift your ways of thinking and living to experience peace of mind and a spiritually-fulfilling life. In sessions with her, clients typically seek insight and clarity about their developing spiritual experiences or look for higher order spiritual approaches to deal with everyday life challenges. Learn more


Our Practitioners

Behnaz K. Shahidi

Behnaz K. Shahidi

Spiritual Counselor

Behnaz has been studying spiritual knowledge, and practicing and teaching meditation since a young age. In addition, she has pursued graduate degrees in Developmental and Educational Psychology. As a volunteer, she taught meditation at her children’s school. Learn more about Behnaz. 

You can reach Behnaz at:


Mary Gospe

Mary Gospe

Energy Healing Practitioner

Mary is an energy healing practitioner who is certified in Quantum Touch I & II and has studied the OMnium Method. She is also co-founder of, an educational website promoting a whole food, plant-based diet for the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases. Learn more about Mary. 

You can reach Mary at

From our clients…

Soul Healing Studio is amazing! I had a two-hour session with Mary and Behnaz in which I had both palpable energetic shifts and physical healing of pain in my left shoulder and sacrum. The space that they created and their ability to channel Source energy has assisted me on my journey of awakening. I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

M. S.

I had an exceptional experience at Soul Healing Studio. The two very friendly ladies had amazing healing energy to cleanse my whole body out! I felt so light afterwards and my heart was filled with love. I highly recommend their healing services for people who would like to share their worries. Their love will guide you to a whole new aspect of life.

Kuniko Ozawa (owner of SUMIKA restaurant)

I had a wonderful session of healing with Mary and Behnaz during which they were able to not only bring me incredible feelings of spiritual elation and connectedness to Source, but also heal my body physically. I had been struggling with a knee injury that had resulted in the very painful inflammation of a tissue behind my kneecap. After about 1.5 years of being in physiotherapy and seeing a surgeon multiple times to assess and re-assess the necessity of surgery, this energy healing session allowed my body to heal itself with the energy of Source. After so many months of wearing knee support, immediately after the session, I was able to walk again without any pain or any support (such as physio tape or a knee brace). After this session, I saw both my orthopedic surgeon (who is a very well-known and well-respected surgeon in his field) and my physiotherapist (who is also a top notch practitioner), and they both confirmed they could see the great improvement in the condition of my knee. I cannot thank Mary and Behnaz enough for this amazing session. May they both continue to be showered with the infinite blessings coming from Source! – Faye (San Diego)