Spiritual Coaching

A typical spiritual coaching session starts with a conversation that allows you to share concerns or questions. Questions may be related to finding greater clarity on daily challenges as well as on developing spiritual experiences.
  • Finding greater clarity — We will work together, starting from daily issues that arise, such as challenging relationships with children, spouses and bosses. Through conversation and guided meditation, we find solutions that expand consciousness and release blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Developing spiritual experiences — We work with you, in a sacred, nonjudgemental environment, to help you interpret your experiences and support you in your journey into higher states of consciousness. Guided meditation helps stabilize these experiences and understandings. 
Our intention in every session is to help you shift from lower-vibration emotions, such as sadness and frustration, to joy.   We offer one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions that allow you to experience a deep shift in thinking, expand your consciousness, and support you in living as your authentic Divine self.  
Spiritual Coaching Will Allow You To Experience:
  • A new way of thinking and being
  • Greater clarity of who you are
  • Insight into your life’s purpose
  • A more joyful, fulfilling life