Divine Love, Pure Joy – By Behnaz K. Shahidi

This book is about awakening to, trusting, and embracing ever-present Divine support. Behnaz’s story began as she was enjoying a pleasant evening, sitting outside, looking at the beautiful clouds. She was called by invisible loving companions and was asked to begin writing down their words and messages. Little did she know that one of the most exciting times of her life was about to begin. Over the course of two and a half months, through loving communions, she received information from spirit guides about Love as a Divine principle, the Divine Plan that is reconnecting earth to Source, the children who have come to earth for enlivening Love, and her personal mission in life. In this book, she shares her story of awakening to the understanding of how humans are not isolated and abandoned on earth, and hopes her story inspires you to be open and receptive to Divine presence in your own life.

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